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Don Antiel has 15+ years in customer service, project management, engineering & lean manufacturing throughout the HVAC/R industry. He knows how to leverage technology to improve processes, increase productivity & decrease overhead costs. He knows just enough about accounting to be dangerous & helps with bookkeeping occasionally.

110 Bookkeeping is a family owned shop, operated by the head bean counter in charge – Jennifer Antiel. After having spent 14+ years in corporate & small business accounting, she knows the challenges that many entrepreneurs face: the lack of time, energy & know-how to handle the accounting needs of their business. Jennifer has a knack for numbers, an eye for detail & a passion for helping others.

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Sole Prop & LLC

  • Files on Form 1040

  • No Corporate Return

  • Single Owner LLC’s
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  • Files on Form 1120s

  • Corporation Required

  • 2553 Election
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  • Files on Form 1065

  • Multi-member LLC’s

  • Must have 2+ Owners
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