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When you have an LLC, there are several options of how to be taxed. By filing simple elections with the IRS, your LLC can be taxed as an S-corp or C-corp as well as remain a sole proprietor. As you can see below, there is a big advantage to being an S-corp.

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Now its time to see how much you could save. Using our software we can show you exactly what you could save by electing to be taxed as a S-corporation, C-corporation or Partnership vs how you are setup now.

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During your free evaluation, you can speak to one of our S-corporation Specialists. During your meeting you can get answers to all your questions and we will evaluate your business using the following factors:


Business type and shareholder profile    Probable reasonable compensation

Business size and saving opportunity    Deductions you are not utilizing

Overview of compliance needed            State issues or concerns

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Quick & easy chat with one of our S-Corporation specialists to help you decide if an S-Corporation is right for you. We can review what you need to do to make the switch for your business & answer any questions you may have.

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