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One of the riskiest forms of business is the “exposed” sole proprietorship. Each day could “literally” be the end for your business.


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Your Business is “Exposed”


We call it “Exposed” because it provides you no protection at all. Each day, each job, each sale you make exposes you to a massive amount of risk. An “Exposed Sole Proprietorship” is the most dangerous form of business there is.


If you are looking to setup your business for the long term, & ensure that you are protecting your family & yourself, then setting up an LLC needs to be your next priority.

Risk #1


The business structure you have right now means that your business is not different from you or your family in an legal way.

This means that if your business loses a lawsuit, that your personal assets can be used to settle the claims.

This could be your car, your house, your jewelry, your investments, or other personal possessions.

Risk #2


When you have a “Naked Sole Proprietorship” there are several tax problems that you can’t avoid.

One is Self Employment Tax. While S-corps give you a break, your current structure means you pay thousands more.

Also, your “Exposed Sole Proprietorship” could be limited on deductions like the new Sec 199A pass-through deduction. Not good.

Risk #3


Because your business is tied directly to you personally, that also means that your personal credit is at risk.

If you lose a lawsuit, have an employee problem, or any other claim against the business, that goes against your personal credit score.

If you value your credit and your ability to buy homes and cars, you need to change your business structure right away.

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